Civil engineers are professionals who design, construct, and maintain infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, buildings, and water supply systems. They use their expertise in mathematics, physics, and materials science to ensure structures are safe, efficient, and sustainable. Civil engineers also play a crucial role in urban planning, environmental protection, and disaster management



                       In construction subgrade refer to the natural ground to prepare the surface benifites a pavement it is the foundation upon whichthe road or track is build and its quality for the stability and longevityofthe is frastructure. https://www.justdial.com/

Points to do good subgrade:-

  1. Excavation the black soil upto 1m using the excavator get the level from TBM(temporary benchmark) to find out we can excavate the proper 1m depth excavate.y
  2. Add the murrom in that by layer wise layer is not max than 300mm
  3. Then the proper subgrade made then by knocking the steel rod by both side horizontal and 20 mm length vertical both side
  4. Give the level on that steel rod both side by using Auto-Level
  5. Then watering the subgrade to fix it proper way then by using grader do section to get proper camber than
  6. Rolling that subgrade in proper way using roller
  7. Subgrade is Ready in https://estatenirmannigam.in/

rolling on the subgrade base


     Granular Sub Base (GSB) is a naturally occurring or artificially created building material used as a sub-base layer for roads. Highway construction, servicing and road traffic can generate noticeable effects on the surroundings if left unaddressed

            Points To Do Good GSB:-

  1. On the subgrade we put it on the subgrage
  2. The hight of the gsb layer is not max than 250mm and its depent on the highway that which type of highway we made.
  3. Grading the gsb
  4. Give the levels on the steel rod both side
  5. The distance between that vertical steel rod is 20m to get perfect camber
  6. Rolling that gsb base in proper way to fix it
  7. Granuler sub-base is ready
making the gsb top by using the grader


                                                          Wet Mix Macadam is a type of road construction material that is used for base and sub-base layers. It is composed of crushed aggregates, including gravel and stone dust, mixed with water and a binding agent such as bitumen emulsion or cement


  1. ON the gsb we put on the wmm
  2. The hight of the wmm layer is 250 mm and its depent on the highway design
  3. We want make gsb base into 2layer 1st layer is  150mm and 2nd layer on it is 100mm
  4. Giving the levels on the steel road on 1st layer then rooling to get 1st layer in proper waythen do it on the same way
  5. The wmm base is ready
working on the wmm base by using the wmm paver


                                                                   DBM, or Dense Bituminous Macadam, is a type of asphalt mixture that plays a vital role in road construction. One of its main purposes is to provide a strong and durable base layer for the road surface.

Point To Do Good DBM:-

  1. When the  wmm base is ready then the dmb base make
  2. The hight of dmb base is 60mm and its depand upon the highway design
  3. Then the giving the road level using auto level the paver work on that wmm base
  4. When dbm is working then immediately rollinbg start to fix that dbm base in proper way
  5. Our dbm base ready

5)BC (Bituminous Concrete):

                                                Composition Bituminous concrete, also known as asphalt concrete or blacktop, is a type of construction material used in road construction. It consists of asphalt (bitumen) mixed with mineral aggregates like sand, gravel, or crushed stone.

Point To Do Good BC:-

  1. On the dbm base the bc works on
  2. The hight of bc base20mm and it depend on the design of highway
  3. It is defined as line pattern sign or kerb
  4. It is for controlling ,guiding,and informing
  5. This is vary important to to ensure safe smooth and harmonious flow of traffic.
 highway final coat of bc is laying by using the bc paver

It consists of asphalt (bitumen) mixed with mineral aggregates like sand, gravel, or crushed stone in the https://estatenirmannigam.in/

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